It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!

March 8, 2024

NewsLink 2024- 03- 08 Third Edition

International Organizations Welcome Senegal’s Electoral Process Resumption As Election Campaign Begins Tomorrow. A Nigerian court Trials 190 People Including Electoral Commission Staffs, for 2023 Election Offenses. Burkinabe Transitional Authorities Releases Ablassé Ouédraogo from Military Duties Following December Arrest. Mali Faces…


A joint study conducted by the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, and UNESCO in 2023, says TVET needs to adapt to globalization, technological progress, demographic transformation, and climate change The study outcome shows that Technical and vocational education and…

NewsLink 2024- 03- 08 Second Edition

Gunmen abduct over Two hundred school children and the head teacher in Nigeria’s northwest region. Senegal’s Constitutional Council validates the March 24 proposed date for the delayed presidential election. Health authorities in Sierra Leone confirm the troubling addiction crisis fuelled…