It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!


TAKE THE LEAD: EPISODE 34:Youth in Politics

Youth in the politics and governance of their country is undoubtedly a key factor that every society needs to consider. As an active and innovative force, the youth is endowed with capabilities, outside-the-box thoughts, and creativities that can be employed…

VOX POP: Social Media and Privacy

With social media having such a strong influence on our lives, we can often find details of people’s private lives online, wedding photos, pictures of romantic vacations, and vague posts referring to relationship problems, the list is endless. However, there…

Arts and Culture

In this edition of Arts and Culture, our stop is Liberia and our focus is on the Poro Society. Well, what do you know about this society? WADR’s correspondent Darlington Porkpa speaks to Peter Pewe, a high priest of the…