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NewsLink 2023- 03- 28 Third Edition

In Senegal, an airport security guard Yarga Sy, accused of attempted murder against opposition political leader Ousmane Sonko, has been arrested and prosecuted. The public prosecutor at the Dakar Court of Appeal, IbrahimaBakhoum, today Tuesday provided an update on the…

NewsLink 2023- 03- 28 Second Edition

President Akufo-Addo Denies the Presence of Al-Qaeda armedgroups in Ghana as he discusses efforts with US Vice President Kamala Harris. The Gambia National Assembly on Monday passed the 2023 Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Bill. About 600former Boko Haram fighters…

NewsLink 2023- 03- 28 First Edition

President Akufo-Addo Denies of the Presence Al-Qaeda in Ghana. Gambia’s National Assembly passed the 2023 Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Bill. Civil Society Group in LiberiaWarns Against Violence Disrupting Voter Registration. WADR · NewsLink 2023- 03- 28 First Edition

NewsLink 2023- 03- 27 Third Edition

At least twenty-nine migrants from sub-Saharan Africa died when two boats sank off the coast of Tunisia as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Italy. Tunisian coast guard on Sunday said, in the last four days, five migrant boats…

WEEKLY TOP NEWS – 25-03-2023

Let’s return back to Senegal where tensions breed between state police andsupporters of opposition leader OusmaneSonko, during violent protests in various parts of the country. This incident resulted in the death of 3persorns including a 22-year-old student during clashes. Sonko,…

NewsLink 2023- 03- 27 Second Edition

Burkinabe authorities take legal action to involve citizens in the fight against armed groups. Citizens share hopes and expectations as Nigeria prepares for transition to new leaders. And two boatsthat sank off the coast of Tunisia kills at least twenty-nine…