It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!

May 30, 2024

NewsLink 2024- 05- 30 Third Edition

Senegal’s President Diomaye Faye arrives in Mali as part of his West African tours since his inauguration on April 2nd. Renowned Burkinabe lawyer and leader of the civil society group, SENS Movement, Harve re-abducted after his release. Nigerien junta leader…

NewsLink 2024- 05- 30 Second Edition

Nigerien junta leader General TChiani refuses to receive Benin’s President Talon’s emissary as diplomatic rift heightens Senegal’s President Diomaye Faye is in Burkina Faso as part of his West African tours since he was inaugurated UNICEF raises alarm over Increase…


This edition of Arts and Culture takes us to Ghana where we will be learning about a traditional coming-of-age ceremony among the Krobo people… Dipo. This vibrant cultural practice stands out with deep historical roots and contemporary significance. It marks…