It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!

Cote D’iviore


Certain cultural barriers have marginalized women football in Cote d’Ivoire leading to little or no success in the sector. However, the President of Ivory Coast Football Federation Yacine Diallo expressed his unwavering commitment to breaking down these barriers and creating…

NewsLink 2024- 01- 10 Third Edition

Mali and Algeria’s diplomatic rift sets on the right foot as Qatar steps in for mediation to resolve the crisis. Gambia’s President Adama Barrow Urges African Unity for Lasting Peace and Conflict Resolution Across the Continent. Former Liberian President Ellen…

NewsLink 2023- 12- 29 Second Edition

The Senegalese Constitutional Council begins screening of over ninety presidential candidates ahead of the 2024 elections. Cote D’Ivoire guarantees Guinea a 50 million litres monthly supply of petrol following the depot explosion. International partners of Liberia commend the electoral commission…