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DAYBREAK – Arts &Culture

This edition features Liberia’s Traditional Queen and Culture Ambassador Juli Endee. She became Liberia’s Culture Ambassador in 1995, a title conferred on her by the Liberian Government and people having played a pivotal role in the culture and traditions of…

ARTS & CULTURE – The Osun-Osogbo Festival

ARTS & CULTURE – The Osun-Osogbo Festival In this edition of WADR’s Arts and Culture segment, we head to Osun State, South-West Nigeria where tens of thousands gather annually to celebrate the Osun-Osogbo festival. This ceremony, a rich indigenous culture…

Arts and Culture

In this edition of Arts and Culture, our stop is Liberia and our focus is on the Poro Society. Well, what do you know about this society? WADR’s correspondent Darlington Porkpa speaks to Peter Pewe, a high priest of the…