It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!

May 23, 2024

NewsLink 2024- 05- 23 Third Edition

General Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno takes the oath of office as Chad’s new president after a contested May 9 presidential election Guinean Government withdrawals broadcast permits from several media outlets over non-compliance posture Liberians react to a reported increase in…

NewsLink 2024- 05- 23 Second Edition

Republican activist Bah Diakhate to appear in Dakar court today for spreading false news and insults at Senegalese Prime Minister Liberians react to reported increase in the price of 25kg bag of rice Ivorian Authority expels 87 customs agents with…

NewsLink 2024- 05- 23 First Edition

APR’s Bah Diakhate and preacher Cheikh Ahmed Ndao to appear in court today for spreading false news and offending the Senegalese Prime Minister Ivorian Authorities expel 87 customs agents with falsified diplomas And, outrage in Liberia as government announces an…