It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!

April 22, 2024

NewsLink 2024- 04- 22 Third Edition

-Senegal’s new government begins the recovery of vehicles and official houses at the disposal of former ministers -International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns low income countries against excess spending on election amid the global financial crisis -Thousands of commercial motorcyclists’ protest…

NewsLink 2024- 04- 22 Second Edition

At least 3 persons confirmed dead after an attack by gunmen on a local market in Zamfara State, Northwestern Nigeria In Niger, residents in Agadez stage protest demanding the exit of the American army Guinea’s transitional President General Doumbouya orders…

MOTIVATION With Aggie – Wisdom

Wisdom doesn’t simply mean you’re smarter than others, and it’s never acquired passively. Nobody drifts into a life of wisdom. It takes intention, purpose, and a proactive mindset. Rather than acquiring it in some one-time magical moment, it grows slowly…