It's you speaking!

It's you speaking!


Carl Oshodi on the benefits and challenges of the AfCFTA

Despite the ratification of African Continental Free Trade Area agreement, the readiness of countries for the free trade opportunity is being impacted by the economic effect of COVID-19 pandemic, among others. As contained in Article 23 of the agreement establishing…

ACEP’s Benjamin Boakye talks to WADR

West Africa like many countries in the world is endowed with abundant mineral resources but many of its member states remain underdeveloped and their citizens remain poor. Experts in the region say unless regional countries adopt a strategic approach of…

The challenges of women in mining in Ghana

Women in miningface similar problems aswomenin any other technicalindustry. The lack of skills, due partly to lack of interest, prejudice and cultural restrictions, combine to rob this huge portion of the nation's human capital from development and application. In this report,…