The Gambia to prosecute exiled ex-president Jammeh

Former President Yahya Jammeh

Former leader of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh will be prosecuted for suspected atrocities committed during his time in office following the government's acceptance of recommendations by a truth and reconciliation commission, TRRC.

The country’s Attorney General Dawda Jallow said a special prosecutor would oversee cases of abuses found from Jammeh’s 1994 to 2017 rule, which were laid out in the TRRC report last year.

The independent commission said Jammeh and his henchmen were responsible for 44 specific crimes against journalists, former soldiers, political opponents, and civilians, including killings and rapes.

The Chairman of the Victims Centre for Human Rights Violations in The Gambia, Sheriff Kijera has lauded the Gambia Government for accepting more than 95% of the TRRC's recommendations.

He shared his views with WADR on the Government’s White Paper released on Wednesday.

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