More than 700 million people with untreated hypertension

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More than 700 million people are living with untreated hypertension, according to the first comprehensive global analysis of trends in hypertension prevalence, detection, treatment and control.

The analysis, which was conducted by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization, will be published this week in The Lancet.

The study, covering the period 1990-2019, includes data from 184 countries, covering 99% of the global population.

 It provides data by country and highlights where the most progress has been made.

In parallel, WHO will launch a guideline on the pharmacological treatment of hypertension in adults. 

The new guideline, the first on this topic in 20 years, provides new recommendations to help countries improve their management of hypertension. 

Specifically, it provides guidance on the initiation of treatment; recommendations on intervals for follow up; target blood pressure to be achieved for control; and who, in the health-care system, may initiate treatment.

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