Benin: Human Rights Commission counts five deaths from 2021 electoral violence

In its 2020-2021 report, the Benin Human Rights Commission (CBDH) said the electoral violence recorded during the 2021 presidential election caused"at least five (05) loss of human life, including at least three (03) in the commune of Bantè and at least two (02) in the municipality of Savè. Some victims killed by bullets from the Defense and Security Forces were able to be buried”. 

The commission further indicated that "two (02) bodies have so far not been delivered to families who claim them for funeral ceremonies”. No deaths were recorded on the side of the armed forces according to the CBDH.

The Commission condemned the electoral violence which has become recurrent since 2019 and invited the political actors and all stakeholders to find suitable solutions to this situation which constitutes a serious threat to social peace in the country.

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