Kabul Airport: Ground Zero for Afghans scrambling to escape the Taliban

Thousands of Afghans remain desperate in attempts to flee the country as they que at the Kabul international airport.

Recall, The Taliban forces took over power on August 15 forcing President Ashraf Ghani to flee.

A Nato official told Reuters news agency, amid reports that some were being crushed to death that, at least 20 people have died outside the Kabul airport. 

Meanwhile, U.S President Joe Biden says efforts to evacuate people from the Afghan capital are accelerating.

According to Biden, nearly 28,000 people were evacuated in the past week.

The president on Sunday mentioned that, discussions were taking place with leaders of other countries about pushing back the deadline.

Earlier, the US defense department said in a statement that, 18 commercial planes would be used to help transfer evacuees to third countries from safe sites outside Afghanistan.

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