Togo amends cap on prices of local and imported goods

In Togo, the Ministry of Commerce has put a new cap on the selling prices of basic necessities. This affects both local products and those imported exempt from VAT, and follows the new rise in the price of petroleum products.

After the announcement a 2.5 kg bowl of corn will now sell for 650 FCFA in Grand Lomé and Maritime, 550 FCFA in Plateaux, 700 FCFA in Centrale and Kara and 600 FCFA in Savanes.

For imported products exempt from VAT which include vegetable oil, condensed milk, concentrated tomatoes, wheat flour, imported rice, their price remains the same throughout the country. 

Recall that the capped prices are part of the government's support measures, taken on April 28, to fight against the high cost of living and support the purchasing power of citizens.

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