COVID-19: The Gambia, Ghana, Togo, Senegal classified as 'safest in the world'

The USA had classified 4 West African counties as among the “safest in the world” for its nationals and other traveller, in relation to the risk of contamination with Covid-19.

Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal and Togo are now considered level 1 countries, meaning travellers should take normal precautions when visiting. 

A list of countries published by the US State Department advises its nationals on which countries not to travel to (level 4), where travel is to be reconsidered (level 3), where they must be subject to 'increased vigilance (level 2), or just “take normal precautions” (level 1).

Recall that the US recently advised its nationals against most African destinations because of the coronavirus pandemic. Other countries on the continent joining the 4 in West Africa are Eswatini and Malawi.

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