Burkina Faso announces more measures to fight terrorism

Albert Ouédraogo

In Burkina Faso, the Head of Government, Albert Ouédraogo on Monday, announced that the Government of the Transition will undertake more measures to fight against terrorism.
According to Prime Minister Ouédraogo the month of June 2022 was “difficult for Burkina Faso,” adding that the major challenge facing the country remains the security issue.
 During the ceremony of raising the colors on Monday, the Prime Minister highlighted key decisions taken by the High Council for National Defense in relation to the fight against terrorism. These decisions include the creation of areas of military interest, the brigade watch and patriotic defense, and the ban on driving certain types of motorcycles in certain areas.
 At the Government level, the main decisions concern the suspension of the import of certain types of motorcycles,and the suspension of the import of civilian explosive substances.
 All these measures, according to the Head of Government, are part of the fight against terrorism. “Other measures will follow and will contribute to strengthening the fight against terrorism,” he promised.

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