South Sudan elections in 2023 looking doubtful - UN

South Sudan has never conducted an election since becoming independent in 2011 and polls expected next year are looking in doubt.

The 2018 peace deal that ended a five-year civil war says a vote should be held at the end of the transitional period - which would be next February.

But the UN peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) says many political parties have expressed concerns that conditions are not currently favourable for conducting

free and credible elections then. Nevertheless, this could change, UNMISS head Nicholas Haysom said.

“I am aware that a number of parties believe that those conditions do not yet exist and that may be true as of June 2022. Is it possible to create those conditions? I believe it

would be if there is goodwill and serious intent to do so,” he told journalists.

Concerning the possibility of postponing the vote, he said the onus was on South Sudanese parties, not the UN.

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