Dakar Women's Group holds art show to support charities

  • 21 May 2020 (Photo DWG)


    In Dakar, Senegal the 18th edition of annual art show organized by the charitable organization Dakar Women’s Group will be a little different.

    The show which is an occasion to shine the light on local artists is usually held in one of the country’s major landmarks and open to the public.

    The proceeds of the exhibition are used partly to pay the artists and to support local charities.

    This year the group aims to support 20 charities with more than 18 million cfa about thirty thousand dollars.

    With the current health crisis however the organizing group has had to get creative in making sure the residents of Dakar still get a show.

    We hear from the chairwoman of the group’s art show committeeLiz Frosst Yoccum.

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