Guinea: Opposition groups frown at Conde’s call for dialogue, say it’s a diversion

  • 6 September 2019


    Opposition groups in Guinea Conakry have called President Alpha Conde’s call for dialogue a diversion.

    On Wednesday, Conde instructed his Prime Minister to organize a dialogue with all political and civil society actors. His decision was in response to rumors and speculations that he was planning to change the constitution in order to hang onto power.

    The opposition leaders said they would not attend any dialogue or meeting with the president and his group. The purported constitutional amendment will allow Conde run for a third term in office.

    Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, the spokesman of the main opposition Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea said the president was not clear in his statement calling for dialogue.

    “Our position is clear; there will be no dialogue, consultation, concession or any discussion whatsoever on the possibility of changing the constitution of our country,” he said.

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