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WADR broadcasts news in English and French on a daily basis.  The radio currently broadcast 3 news editions in English – (7.00am , 12.00 and 18.00GMT) with a repeat broadcast of the 18.00 news at 22.00GMT  The French desks broadcasts a total of 5 news editions (8.00am, 13.00, 17.00, 19.00 and 21.00GMT) a repeat of the 21.00 could be heard at 23.00GMT.


Health (Welbodi): The health programme focusses on major health topics in the region such as Ebola, Hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and others. It also touches on health conditions, infrastructure and a wide range of other health topics in both English and French

Youth (Youth Connection): Young people form the core of our societies and could be described as the heartbeat of the region of West Africa.  Today however in    addition to issues of poverty, unemployment, illegal migration, health and others, this region is besieged with security issues in which young people are targeted and used in most cases to destabilize countries.  WADR’s programme therefore engages young people on different issues as it affects them and tries to encourage them to participate in the development process.

Gender – (fifty fifty): To address gender issues and bring to light the gender imbalances, looking at actors on the ground and societal norms and values that depict gender issues.

Environment- (Enviroscope): Environmental issues are a major concern for countries all over the world most especially in recent times with climate change threats and others. In poor African countries, mining, industrialization and other activities always leads to massive deforestation giving room to natural disasters like flooding, erosion and environmental degradation. WADR broadcasts programmes in both English and French on a bi weekly basis

Rural Development and Agriculture (Community Forum) : WADR has been producing an agriculture magazine dedicated to basic agricultural growth and development. Presently the scope has been broadened to include rural development as a whole.

Current affairs: (The Big Issue): An Analysis of stories that made the headlines during the course of the month.  Media professionals and other experts in the region would be invited for discussions. If possible specialist on the subject matters, victims, stake holders in certain areas be it government, civil society or the international community would be invited to give more detail and analyse the issues.

The Interview: A 30 minutes one- to- one interview programme recorded with a guest in our studio or on the phone. It covers topics of particular interest to West Africa and the entire continent. The guests are from diverse backgrounds. The interview aims to present the critical perspective of the African intelligentsia on topical subjects.

Economy: Economic issues as it relates to development in West Africa are many and varied. The growth and development of business, the earning powers of the masses as it relates to their lives and livelihoods, the tax systems and how it benefits or fail to benefit populations and many more issues would be addressed in this programme

Art and culture: This programme will look at West African art and culture bringing into perspective the history, practices and beliefs that make up the society in this region.

Travel/integration issues: This is a programme on the pipeline for the future that would specifically require a producer to travel by road in most cases to different parts of the region and tell the stories that are usually untold.  The usually funny, sad, educative yet simple versions of the way of life of people in different areas coupled with other facts of life that daily news broadcast does not reveal.  A production that would bring to light several issues of Integration, issues of importance at it relates to effectiveness of the ECOWAS protocols in relation to travelling and regional integration, security and others in a light, interesting and simple manner.

Breakfast show ( Day Break West Africa): This is a daily morning show starting from 06.05 – 06.55 when it gives space for Newslink and continues from  07.15 – 07.55.  The French Version (matinal) comes on from 08.00 – 09.55 all on a daily basis. It features headlines from across the world, special guest interviews, weather, proverbs, stock exchange, currency information, music and other issues. Presently it is one of our flagship programmes.

Sports: Entails all major issues and events in the sports arena in the region covering, football, basketball, wrestling and the many and varied sporting activities.

Medias TIC:  The Media-tics magazine programme is to inform the audience of the West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR) on current events in the media and information and communications technology (Tics) in West Africa. The magazine therefore aims to inform the audience about the people that work on informing them - the media. For each issue, the magazine will deal with a specific priority subject in the ECOWAS countries.

Magazine on security: It would be produced on a monthly basis to look at the security issues plaguing the region of West Africa.

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