Institutionnal partners

OSIWA as the founder of the radio constitutes the most committed and the most valued partner of WADR. Since its establishment, WADR receives institutional support from OSIWA for its functions and investments. WADR however has an autonomous management although it still receives support from its institutional donor. In addition, the radio receives the support of its institutional donor in its financial management procedures such as book keeping and budget management.


In December 2014, a 206 000 Euro was submitted to and approved by OXFAM in the framework of their Regional Good Governance Program. The aim of the project is to support and monitor the Ebola response through a top-down and bottom-up approach via radio, web and CSO network in West Africa. The grant was received and the project implemented for a year

In the recent past WADR worked with institutions such as WaterAid, Action Contre la Faim, UN Women, ENDA Senegal

Presently WADR is working with Plan International and discussions are ongoing with the UNESCO Dakar Regional Office. Many other organizations have expressed interest in working with WADR and the process is on.