Interview: UNHCR official explains how the Influx of refugees is aggravating Niger's humanitarian crisis

The United Nations Refugee Agency in Niger has expressed concern over the increasing humanitarian crisis occasioned by the influx of refugees from neighboring countries.

UNHCR in a statement on Wednesday says many of these refugees are fleeing attacks in Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria’s northeast.

In the last four months, the agency says it registered more than 36,000 new arrivals, indicating an average of more than 2,500 arrivals every week.

UNHCR’s Representative in the country, Emmanuel Gignac said in a statement that it is imperative for the agency and its partners to maintain a strong emergency response capacity during the period. (This paragraph is not necessary and can be removed)

Fatoumata Seikou of the UNHCR communications department tells WADR that the influx of refugees already adds to the displacement situation in Niger affecting mostly women and children.

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