Climate Change threatens Niger, Burkina Faso economic stability: WaterAid

WaterAid West Africa reveals that the impact of climate change on water A new study by the NGO resources is predicted to intensify in Niger and Burkina Faso and threaten economic stability and human development if the states concerned do not take adequate measures. 

The report comes as African governments prepare to participate in Africa Climate Week and COP 26 in the coming months and as updated UNICEF/WHO data reveals that 1 in 3 people do not have access to safe drinking water close to home in West Africa. 

The region has experienced a 2°C temperature rise since 1950, a series of droughts since the 1970s and a general decline in rainfall.

By 2025, Niger's annual water needs will be less than the available water resources and by 2050, water volumes will be significantly reduced across all basins in Burkina Faso, says WaterAid, with detailed analysis provided in the report.

Lucien Damiba is a knowledge management officer with WADR.

He has been speaking to WADR about the findings of the report on the line from Ouagadougou.

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