Cameroon: Troops deployed in Yaoundé following bombing attacks

Cameroon authorities have deployed troops in the capital Yaoundé to fish out armed men they say are trying to destabilize the?government.? 

Several bombs have exploded in Yaounde over the past two months, injuring at least 22 people. 

Some officials are implying that opposition parties are behind the attacks.

Cameroon’s 10 regional governors, at a meeting Monday in the capital, agreed that increasing incidents of bombings in the city must be addressed.

Naseri Paul Bea is governor of Cameroon’s Center Region, which includes Yaoundé.

He said for the past year, hardly a week goes by without arrests for illegal possession of weapons or planting bombs in public places.

Cameroon has an ongoing separatist conflict in the west and Boko Haram militants active on the northern border. However, the governors did not blame any specific group for the security threats.

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