Ghana hosts 13th WTPO conference tomorrow

Accra, Ghana

Over 57 countries will converge in Ghana on Tuesday, for the 13th World Trade Promotion Organization conference led by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and the International Trade Center (ITU).

Heads and senior representatives of Trade Promotion Organisations from across the world will explore how bold organisations provide solutions to help build resilience and manage risk in times of uncertainty. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, the event is expected to outline and celebrate how trade and investment organisations address business survival and competitiveness, and support trade-led growth, while serving their communities and protecting the planet.

 The first day of the event will feature insights on global megatrends, followed by perspectives from business leaders.

The focus then moves to explore global trade and investment opportunities related to the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Special sessions will focus on the Trade Promotion Organisation (TPO) context, dedicated to embracing risk and sustainable business practices that deliver competitive advantage.

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