Somali government spokesman injured in 'odious terrorist attack,' PM says

A Somali government spokesman was injured on Sunday in what has been described by the country's Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble as "odious terrorist attack". 

The Spokesman, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu who sustained injuries from the attack was however said to be in stable condition. 

State media outlet SNTV News reported on Sunday that Moalimu was injured "in a cowardly terrorist suicide attack [that] targeted his car," in Waaberi, a district of the Banaadir region of Somalia.

Waaberi district is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the capital city Mogadishu.

While the state media report did not name a suspect or organization responsible for the attack, Somalia has been racked by terrorism from militant group Al-Shabaab -- an affiliate of al Qaeda -- in recent years.

In March 2021, Al-Shabaab claimed responsiblity for a car bomb blast that killed at least 20 people in Mogadishu. 

Two years earlier, the group claimed a truck bombing that killed 85 people outside the country's capital.

The Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble via series of Tweets on Sunday, while wishing Moalimu quick recovery, strongly condemned the attack targeting the Government Spokesman,

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