Mali: ECOWAS praises transitional gov't progress

ECOWAS Parliament Speaker Sidie Mohamed Tunis

Mr. Sidie Mohamed Tunis - Speaker of the ECOWAS parliament says, the Malian Transitional government is keeping up with the agenda of ensuring the return of a democratic leadership.

Mr. Tunis issued a statement during the weekend on the heels of an 8-day official visit to the Sahel country.

The speaker and a delegation from the regional bloc – The Economic Community of West African States arrived in the country on February 26.

While there are growing rift among political actors in the country over the formation of the transitional council and appointments, Tunis said a comprehensive dialogue involving all stakeholders is underway.

He pledged the regional bloc’s support to the processes leading to elections at the end of Ba Ndaw’s 18 months presidency.

President Bah Ndaw

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