Gambia: the opinion divided on the stay of ECOMIG forces

  • 02/11/2018 - (Copyright: Newvision)


    A recent survey by Afro-barometer shows a divided opinion among Gambians on the continued stay of regional ECOMIG forces in the Gambia.

    The ECOWAS military intervention in the Gambia (ECOMIG) was deployed to the country in January last year to put pressure on Yahya Jammeh to exit power after he lost in the presidential election a month earlier.

    The former president who ruled the country for 23 years refused to hand over power to the winner Adama Barrow.

    Afro-barometer, a pan African research network, conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions and related issues in Africa.

    Sankulleh Janko reports from Banjul.

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