Niger: IOM deplores conditions of Sub-Saharan migrants trapped along Algerian-Niger borders

  • 18-05-2018 Photo credit: International Organisation for Migration


    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says dozens of Sub-Saharan migrants have died in appalling conditions on the Algerian-Niger borders as Algiers continues summary expulsions.
    IOM said it set up facilities in northern Niger sheltering up to 3500 migrants kicked out of Algeria.
    As Algeria continues its crackdown on sub-Saharans, Guinea and Mali have summoned their Ambassadors to Algiers to express their rejection of such an ill-treatment of migrants by Algerian authorities.
    Algeria is rebuked in several international human rights reports, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, for bad treatment of Sub-Saharan migrants.
    Giuseppe Loprete, the Chef of Mission of the IOM in Niger spoke to WADR about the situation.

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