Ivory Coast: Government accuses allies of former Pres. Gbagbo of attacks on national security

  • 08 September 2017


    Laurent Gbagbo's party blamed for recent security troubles and attacks in the country.

    The Interior Minister of Ivory Coast has accused allies of jailed former president, Laurent Gbagbo, of being behind a wave of attacks on security installations in the country.
    Ivory Coast has been shaken by army mutinies, violent protests by former rebels and a spate of attacks on prisons and police stations this year.
    In a statement last night, Minister Sidiki Diakite pointed an accusing finger at supporters of Gbagbo’s former ruling Ivorian Popular Front party.
    But in reaction, the party dismissed the accusation as nonsense. It’s Vice President, Jean Gervais Téidé, is speaking to Sheriff Bojang Jr.