Sierra Leonean woman returns to Senegal after failed attempt to reach Europe

  • 21-04-2017 Photo credit: CNN


    A Sierra Leonean woman who travelled through the Sahara desert to Sudan in the hope of using the back way to reach Europe has returned to Senegal after a failed attempt.
    The woman who prefers anonymity had been living in exile in Senegal with her parents since fleeing civil war in her home country nearly two decades ago.
    According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), more than 590 migrants have drowned on the central Mediterranean route in the first three months of this year.
    Last year, the European Union signed more than a billion dollar deal with several African countries including Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali to help it stem the flow of illegal migration to Europe.
    However, such cooperation and border tightening measures have not totally deterred thousands of Africans seeking greener pasture from making the risky journey through the back way to Europe.
    The Sierra Leonean lady who prefers to be anonymous lets WADR’s Alpha Kamara into her story on her journey to Sudan.